Friday, 27 January 2012

More Mud and Motivational Issues

I'm finding this winter harder than the last couple, the constant half-light and rain is sapping my motivation. Does anyone else have to give themselves pep talks and motivational speeches before they venture forth at this time of year? Although the snow and ice of the last couple of winters was a pain at least it was accompanied by bright days. But it won't last forever - the snowdrops are out where we are (Wiltshire) and the daffs are coming up.

My difficult female and I (see previous posts) are being kind to each other for the moment. I'm hand-feeding her Camelibre outside of the pen and while I'm doing this giving her TTouches down her neck and body. She's very happy to be hand fed so I'm using this to my advantage and seeing if I can condition her into associating being handled with good things (i.e. food). Doing this outside of the pen instead of inside really works as she is free to escape and so consequently does not feel threatened. I'm hoping that in a few weeks someone will be able to stand with a feed bucket while I pop an injection into her side. I'll also try using a neck wrap on her at some stage to see if that helps keep her calm. Putting her in a small pen definitely did not work as she felt very threatened and I received several showers of spit.

Lastly, I have a couple of lovely knitter friends who are doing sterling work with the yarn produced from the 2011 shear. I, too, attempt a few knits but the results are not as fabulous as these ladies can produce. They are knitting for my first craft fayres that are coming up in March and April (including the Fibre Arts Village at Futurity with other SWAG members) which is really great. I find myself staring obsessively at other peoples knitted clothes for ideas. Is this normal?

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  1. Ithink at this time of year...we all suffer from the winter blues...!! I was struggling with them last month !..The nights are getting lighter and those lovely little Spring flowers are peeping through to brighten up your day....I have Snowdrops in the garden....I think its the mud that causes the depression....I find !....I spend 6 months of the year in my wellies....!! Jayne