Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer at last! Shearing, new yarn, alpacas for sale and breeding.

Isn't it fabulous to finally have some summer weather! The alpacas are loving it and I hope you all are too. We were able to shear on time and the fleece is now at Farrlacey Mill being spun into some lovely double knit yarn. This will replenish our depleted stocks and we have some new shades of fawn to make into knitwear ready for the shows and craft fayres we have coming up. It's always so exciting to get a new colour spun for the first time.

I've started using for our on-line shop. We have just a few things on-line at the moment and have made a few sales, but we definitely sell more face-to-face where customers can try things on and feel how soft, light and generally gorgeous alpaca fleece is.

Here's the knitted hat with which we won a rosette at the National Show this year:

We chose not to breed last year as we're waiting for a couple of our really good females to get to mating age. We are a little limited with land and and don't want to overstock plus we only want to breed our best animals. So we don't have any little cria in the field this summer and I never expected to miss them so much.

We would definitely like to breed our best females this summer and in order to make space for new cria we have 3 lovely boys for sale (white, fawn and black). Please contact me if you know anyone who may like them, we can be very flexible on price as my priority is on finding them a good home where they'll be looked after and not moved on. Photos and more info can be found at: but in the meantime here's a picture of their bottoms: